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Darshan Shah found himself starting to develop health issues, he decided to educate himself on how to modify his lifestyle to optimize his health. His quest was so successful that he became passionate about changing our model of healthcare from one that focuses on treating disease to one of health optimization, eventually taking his mission to help society quit being sick to the next level by opening health optimization centers to empower patients to take their wellness into their own hands.

Most entrepreneurs have a quitting story. Some have useful tips on how to make the most of your post-quit life. Taylor not only had to face a difficult quit to start his entrepreneurial journey but he also realized that through what he learned in his own struggles to be productive, he could help others in his same position to make the most of their time. And despite years of getting what seemed like no closer to her dream, she continued to show up and audition, despite how much her self-talk tried to keep her down. One day, she finally realized that dream, getting cast in the lead of Center Stage 2!

Through this and many other experiences, Rachele realized that to create her life as she wanted it to be, she would have to fight through fears. Guilt is the feeling we did something bad. But shame is an even more detrimental emotion, as it tells us that we ARE something bad. And through his own recovery from his porn addiction and in the personal development he underwent during that time, Drew has learned that shame can be overcome by changing your stories and your perception. Michelle Mudge-Riley has always refused to settle.

She encourages thinking about ways to educate yourself outside of the debt-ridden educational system, and also points out that it has never been easier to go get experience in careers of your choice. Tag: career transition. Check out his podcast, Man Amongst Men! Life Transitions. View Email. We meet the challenges of transition and transformation. As therapist I am committed to enrich each client's ability to think creatively, responsibly about his or her own life, and to support the client's vision for change.

My goal: to assist the process of self-awareness and clarity; to rename and reconfigure what is significant; and to facilitate the process of creating new solutions of meaning. I perceive life as improvisatory art, more than a linear goal, and I seek to facilitate the client's integration of diverse emotions and experiences into a radiant whole. Every child, adolescent and adult are unique and I therefore believe no one treatment modality fits all.

My practice includes longer term psychotherapy as well as short term, solution-focused therapy, utilizing various therapeutic interventions to meet your needs. If you could settle your mind, listen to your body, and open your heart, what do you think might happen? If you are looking for a place to explore thoughts, feelings, questions, and the paradoxes of life, you can find that kind of place here.

I offer sincere presence, warm companionship and practical guidance through the desert and wilderness of modern life. For over 22 years, I have worked with individuals and couples navigating the deep waters of uncertainty, transition and transformation. It is also one of the hardest. People are sometimes hesitant to come to counseling because they fear they will be misunderstood, judged or simply not heard. My joy in my work comes from seeing the individuals, families, and groups I am privileged to collaborate with, achieve their best quality of life today while moving toward their ideal vision for their lives.

Life transitions, recovery, family of origin issues and feeling lost spiritually are challenges I can help navigate. We can reconnect with ourselves and regain our essential aliveness.

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As a therapist for children, and a former elementary school teacher, I am passionate about helping children and their parents take on problems that cause trouble in the lives of families. Using art, play and your child's interests, we will collaborate to stand up to problems. I will encourage your participation in your child's therapy and will call on your expertise and skills as a parent. In therapy sessions with adult women, we might focus on issues such as life transitions, retirement, family and relationship changes, grief and loss.

Shea W. My style is warm and nurturing, while also honest and authentic. I offer a safe and non-judgmental place for you to express your thoughts and feelings, explore options to resolve challenges you are facing, and support and encourage you as you face them. My experience and knowledge equip me to help people who are coping with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and parenting and relationship concerns. Office is near:. Some challenges are easier to tackle and we might even welcome them. Yet, other situations are difficult to manage and we may not be sure how to move forward.

As a psychologist, I specialize in helping those with whom I work to make sense of their world and the challenges we often face. I place particular emphasis on how each of us constructs our diverse perspectives and the ways we interact with those around us. I value the strengths of each individual and work to facilitate self- understanding to enhance the quality of their life. Find Psychiatrists in Athens, GA. Anxiety, stress, depression, relationships concerns, motivation, focus, and disordered eating are issues that I help clients with every day.

Often I teach mindfulness and relaxation techniques, drawing on my background as a former yoga instructor and extensive studies in mindfulness. I would like to extend a special invitation to people who may be feeling distressed, alienated, or afraid because of our current political climate, or who otherwise feel that they are outside of the mainstream culture for whatever reason.

R.I.P. Singing Prayer for Transition, Death and Soul Departure by Angèlia Grace

I believe that clients possess the strength and knowledge to overcome difficulties. Thank-you for all you do. I look forward to your emails every Sunday. I love that book. Caveat: There are a couple of spiky parts for those struggling with relationship anxiety. Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. Siobhan on January 8, at pm. Sheryl Paul on January 8, at pm. Thank you, Siobhan. They sound fascinating. Inneka on February 19, at am. KD on March 25, at pm.

Thanks for these other suggestions! Sheryl Paul on March 25, at pm. PR on March 27, at pm. Sheryl Paul on March 27, at pm. Sheryl Paul on July 2, at pm. SE on July 8, at am.

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Abbey on July 28, at am. Sheryl Paul on July 28, at pm. I just added it to my cart on Amazon and look forward to reading it! Andrew Hidas on August 28, at am. Sheryl Paul on August 28, at am. Maya on September 27, at pm.

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That sounds like an amazing book; thank you. Nicole on January 12, at pm.

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Sheryl Paul on January 13, at pm. Nan12b on January 26, at pm. Hey Sheryl! Sheryl Paul on January 27, at am.

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Jen on September 3, at pm. Would love to see you write another book Sheryl. Those both sound like excellent resources, Jen. Writing another book is on my list. It will happen ;. Brittany on March 26, at am. Good morning Sheryl, I see quite a few books on dreams and you talk about using your dreams for growth alot in your blog and the break free course.

And maybe others have had this happen. Thank you Reply.