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During a personal prison meeting between the two, Glen said he was hired by Simpson to break into Brown's house and steal some expensive jewelry, and that Simpson had told him: "you may have to kill the bitch". In a filmed interview, Glen's brother Clay asserts that his brother confessed his involvement.

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Rogers would later speak to a criminal profiler about the Goldman-Simpson murders, providing details about the crime and remarking that he had been hired by O. Simpson to steal a pair of earrings and potentially murder Nicole. Simpson", released September 29, , was episode 10 of season 2 of BuzzFeed web series BuzzFeed Unsolved and discussed those theories. Simpson murder case a few weeks after the murders from an anonymous source within the LAPD.

Singular's source gave him multiple, specific pieces of information regarding the Simpson case. The source told him about an LAPD detective named Mark Fuhrman and that he had a history of racism , antisemitism , and planting evidence. Simpson's Rockingham estate in order to frame him. Rosa Lopez, a housekeeper for Simpson's next-door neighbor, testified to hearing men's voices coming from the yard of the Rockingham estate at around midnight. Fuhrman had been aware of the violence in the Simpson marriage, having responded to a domestic violence call made by Nicole Brown Simpson almost a decade earlier at the Rockingham estate.

Singular was also told that a vial of Simpson's blood was in the possession of another LAPD detective for several hours before booking it into evidence. The families of Brown and Goldman expressed anger at the premise of My Brother the Serial Killer , with both families dismissing the claims by the Rogers family.

ID's president, Henry Schlieff, replied that the documentary's intention was not to prove that Rogers had committed the crimes, but to "give viewers new facts and let them make up their own minds," and that he believed that Simpson was guilty of the murders. According to O.

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Jumped behind the door, put the orgy on hold, Killed them both and smeared blood in a white Bronco We Did It ". The song " Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ", by American punk-pop band Good Charlotte includes the lyrics, "You know if you're famous you can kill your wife? There's no such thing as 25 to life, as long as you got the cash to pay for Cochran", in reference to the "Not Guilty" verdict which, many believe, wouldn't have been the case if Simpson hadn't appointed Cochran as his lead attorney. J which revolves around the case and the influence of systemic racism on the trial.

Simpson Lyrics". The suit Simpson wore when he was acquitted on October 3, , was donated by Simpson's former agent Mike Gilbert to the Newseum in The Newseum has multiple trial-related items in their collection, including press passes, newspapers and the mute button that Superior Court Judge Lance Ito used when he wanted to shut off the live microphone in court so lawyers could talk privately during the trial. The museum's acquisition of the suit ended the legal battle between Gilbert and Fred Goldman, both of whom claimed the right to the clothing.

In Adam Papagan curated a pop-up museum showcasing artifacts and ephemera from the trial at Coagula Curatorial gallery in Los Angeles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs more complete citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding missing citation information so that sources are clearly identifiable. Citations should include title, publication, author, date, and for paginated material the page number s.

Several templates are available to assist in formatting. Improperly sourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Mark Fuhrman. Main article: If I Did It. See also: O. Simpson robbery case. The New York Times. Retrieved March 4, Crimes of the century: from Leopold and Loeb to O.

Northeastern University Press. Fifteen alternates will be added in coming months". Los Angeles Times. Retrieved January 30, January 25, Archived from the original on December 9, Retrieved December 6, Retrieved November 10, USA Today. February 12, Retrieved December 5, Simpson Quits Case". Retrieved November 21, Daily News. January 2, Simpson double-murder trial:". October 18, February 5, Retrieved January 16, February 4, Retrieved June 16, Simpson Trial News: The Victims".

February 2, Retrieved February 23, The Baltimore Sun. Race and Justice: Rodney King and O. Simpson in a House Divided. Retrieved March 23, Archived from the original on January 10, Simpson Murder inside of this cases or Case". February 6, Simpson Killed Popular Culture". Vanity Fair.

Simpson trial: Night of the murders timeline". Retrieved January 7, Court TV. June 5, Archived from the original on December 11, His account is attacked in cross-examination". Retrieved June 17, Legislative Counsel of California. Archived from the original on May 12, Simpson's white Bronco, and the chase was on".

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Simpson white bronco chase mesmerizes nation". CBS News. Retrieved July 2, July 4, Retrieved March 26, Simpson trial: Transcript of Bronco call". December 31, Retrieved July 15, Entertainment Weekly. Business Insider. June 17, Retrieved February 2, September 24, Garcetti didn't have to try it Downtown, many insist". Retrieved March 8, Metropolitan News-Enterprise.

May 3, Retrieved July 3, Simpson Trial: The Jury". Archived from the original on February 9, Simpson Trial Jury? Retrieved July 25, Retrieved July 25, — via washingtonpost. Simpson Trial". William Thompson. Archived from the original on December 12, Simpson trial". Retrieved May 19, Squatting, Lunging, Joking". Orlando Sentinel. The Man Looked. Retrieved October 5, Archived from the original on February 2, Henry Lee in the O.

Simpson case". Archived from the original on May 18, Simpson: The Incriminating Evidence". Archived from the original on June 18, Simpson Trial: The Incriminating Evidence". Archived from the original on February 1, Retrieved January 24, December 2, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved April 5, The Conversation. Retrieved October 14, Retrieved December 7, January 28, Simpson lawyer tampered with glove". September 8, Retrieved September 8, Chicago Tribune. July 13, Philadelphia Inquirer. The Washington Post. October 4, Psychology Today. Archived from the original on October 12, The Guardian.

Retrieved April 7, Metropolitan News Enterprise. June 7, June 22, Was Guilty". June 6, Simpson's guilt". Retrieved July 23, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Retrieved December 30, Retrieved July 14, June 27, January 17, Retrieved May 26, — via LA Times. Dallas Observer. April 12, Retrieved March 12, December 20, May 26, Retrieved December 21, February 21, Archived from the original on October BBC News.

February 18, November 21, ABC News. Retrieved February 5, March 11, Retrieved March 11, March 12, Simpson's lost interview: Soledad O'Brien previews 'bizarre' account". Retrieved July 21, Retrieved July 20, Simpson is granted parole after serving 9 years, to be released in October". Washington Post. Simpson wins parole — but not freedom". Sports Illustrated. Miami Herald. Associated Press. July 20, NBC News. Simpson from prison in October". Simpson: 10 years after famous case". Archived from the original on August 3, April 1, Understanding Market Value A strong sales candidate knows how to converge passion, strengths, and market value when selling a product or service as well as their own career.

I look for this convergence when I explore the social profile of sales candidates. Sales experts maximize their strengths by staying relevant to mentors, thought leaders, and others that are successful in their field. They connect with them through community networks and industry conferences and they take advantage of the access to professional development opportunities, continuing education, relevant networking opportunities. This is easily identifiable in online activity. Who do they follow?

Who are they connected to? Who do they communicate with? They are often small to mid-size or startups. These entrepreneurial organizations need top talent to solve problems and build new solutions that will give them a competitive advantage. I look for candidates that demonstrate intellectual curiosity and can understand, in depth, their client base and the critical needs of that base.

These folks are imaginative, curious, intellectual, and creative with the ability to motivate their prospects to speak openly and freely about their true needs. They need to be critical thinkers and fast learners to stay ahead of the technology, not just keep up. They need to adapt to change quickly and have the emotional intelligence to navigate corporate hierarchies and get past office dramas to work with all co-workers and clients for the end game.

Greg Hyer and Martin Brossman discuss an email Greg received about building a professional network. Greg had referred someone for a job but was not selected for the position. Greg recommended that this person continue to work to develop their professional network but he did not understand this because he has not had a job yet and did not think he knew any professionals. Greg and Martin take this question and discuss their past before they established their professional networks. The post Building a Professional Network — Ep. So Martin and Greg take this post a set further in this extended episode.

Listen for a special offer made by Greg with regards to his upcoming Social Selling ebook. Be sure to act on it!! And it can be a little difficult to understand, especially when it comes to improving your score. In addition, there are a couple news items we shared at the top of the show. In the world of social selling apps, Sales Prodigy has released an update that integrates with Nimble. This is a good reason to keep your page up to date.

The only way you can do a sponsored update is through your company page.

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Sponsored updates allow companies to share updates natively, in the activity stream of targeted LinkedIn users. In this episode, learn how Sponsored Updates can be used to target specific members, what it will cost and what type of program to run. A big point to remember is that you can include and exclude other members using the filters made available to you. Thanks for connecting with us! Have you ever worked with a sales coach before? Elyse Archer, our new co-host, works with clients on a daily basis that need help getting to the next level.

Need help with certain sales skills They keep hearing the same objection over and over again They need help with social selling. Need help with motivation May have been in sales for 30 years and just need to get back on the horse People get into sales for increased time and increased money. Many people need help getting excited again about why they got into sales in the first place.

Listen to the episode as there is a lot of value to understanding how working with a sales coach can help you. Greg Hyer brings back Kevin Thomas Tully of Sales for Life to continue their discussion about creating a social selling routine. Kevin stresses that the Social Selling Routine should take a sales person no longer to complete more than 30 to 60 minutes a day.

In steps 3 — 5 we look at engagement with your LinkedIn profile. Step 3 is review who has looked at your LinkedIn profile Step 4 is convert hot buyers that have reviewed your LinkedIn profile to first degree connections step 5 is check your content engagement on LinkedIn. Content refers to what you share on social media that engages your network. Connection refers to bringing your prospects and clients into your first degree network. Conversion refers to generating a sale. Sales for Life , founded in by Jamie Shanks, is a social selling and sales training organization.

They are a top resource for sales professionals across the globe. They help clients use data to define their specific client and help them predict the new business. Be the curator of top information for your customer. You need to be always committed to learning. One of the tools mentioned was InsideView.

Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer discuss why you should update your LinkedIn profile from an employer-facing profile to a customer-facing profile if you are not currently looking for work. Greg explains how you should update your Headline, Summary and Experience sections by showing how you bring value to your clients and showing your commitment to the industry you are selling into.

Greg also shares a new status update LinkedIn has rolled out for those that are flagged when they share content into LinkedIn Groups that are flagged as spam by group members. This status update lets you know that your submissions to groups will be moderated. This is also known as SWAM, sight-wide administrative moderation. It is recommended that listeners of this podcast should also view the video of this podcast found in this post. Some of the examples we reference in this episode would be easier to understand if you viewed the video podcast too.

A lot of people ask how to do this. Maybe relationships go sour or they leave a job. Whatever the reason, removing someone from your network is a must-know for every member. In addition, Martin and Greg show you how to hide and unhide people in your network from your activity stream. This is a good thing to know because some people simply over share. Also, they discuss what to do when you get a request from someone to connect from LinkedIn and you have no idea who they are. Are strange people trying to connect with you?

How about deleting someone from your LinkedIn network?

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We welcome your comments and suggestions! First, at Talent Connect , LinkedIn announced a new employee referral app that would help employees discover and recommend co-workers for internal positions. This appears to be a subscription application designed for larger companies. Greg and Martin recall Episode 40 where they discussed using social selling to land a job. LinkedIn rolled out the new Groups update. Greg brings up Twitter and how they will be laying off up to employees and how they have rolled out Twitter Moments.

Twitter offers an incredible opportunity for B2B sales professionals. Those in sales need to take a serious look at this social network to connect with B2B buyers. Kevin has appeared on the show several times before providing his insights on creating a social selling routine. Kevin discusses his first visit to Las Vegas and his thoughts on the significance of the LinkedIn Social Selling Index score , what he thought of the conference sessions and experiences meeting some of the social selling notables. Greg and Martin mentioned they are launching a new Social Selling Training site for you to have access to deep social selling training.

Martin opens by asking listeners to do some sort of random act of kindness in light of the Holiday season. Following this, Greg reviews the top 10 overused buzzwords used in LinkedIn profiles for The first list contains worldwide usage and a second list for US members. Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer compare how salespeople today need to bring their own tools to work.

The sales professional must evolve and maintain their own tools so that when you move on to your next employment opportunity. Tools include a social CRM, their social networks, cloud storage, blog and training. Greg stresses that you own your social accounts. There will come a time when you will be hired because of your professional network and how you grow and engage your social networks. Training is key as well. Salespeople must be prepared to acquire additional training whether or not your employer covers the cost. Greg and Martin also discuss a few updated from LinkedIn including the shut-down of Rapportive and InMaps and a new feature that allows you to request an archive of your LinkedIn account.

You can learn more about how to request an archive of your LinkedIn account by visiting this LinkedIn Help article. Martin Brossman sits down with David Phillips to discuss social selling. Is it just another buzz term? David Phillips says yes but you have to understand what it replaces. No more smiling and dialing! Social selling is here to stay. Listen to understand what you can do to use social to prospect and close new business.

Gain insight and discover common ground with your prospects. Make an effort to go out and make a comment. Stay top of mind with your prospects by using social media. The key to social selling is coming to realization that selling like it was 20 years ago is over. Social selling is the way to have success and fill your pipeline today! Where would you start? Is content curation an effective approach to providing value within a market? LinkedIn is working to improve the experience with the company page.

One feature that your company should be using is assigning sales persons to each of the products listed. The first would be including rich media content in your profile, like SlideShare presentations, video, images, etc. LinkedIn is rolling out this feature. You should see slides and video.

The other feature I would look at is self-advertising on LinkedIn. Since you are geographically based you should create ads that target LinkedIn members in that area. You can narrow it down further with additional fields. Listen to this episode and get more insight as we look to inspire sales people with geographic based territories to get the Marketing department to help them out on LinkedIn with some targeted advertising. Use the filters to include, exclude and target prospects with your ads.

The Linking into Sales Podcast is a professional development podcast geared towards sales and marketing professionals that use social media tools and networks to support the sales process and help them become more proficient in social sales. OwlTail only owns the podcast episode rankings.

Copyright of underlying podcast content is owned by the publisher, not OwlTail. Audio is streamed directly from Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer servers. Downloads goes directly to publisher. Jordan Peterson Archive: 01 - Personality: Introduction. The lecture series is now in Podcast form! This episode is the introduction into the course, perfect for those who are not familiar with the lectures! Professor Martin Seligman wanted to change that focus. In Part 1 of our 2 programs with Martin Seligman, hear him address an exclusive audience in Australia on happiness and human flourishing.

Science Vs: Artificial Sweeteners - not so sweet?. Low calorie, no calorie and so sweet. Artificial sweeteners just seem too good to be true. Is there a catch? We dig into two big questions: Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer, and are they making us fat? We talk to Prof. John Glendinning, Prof. Susie Swithers, Dr. Also, please sign up for our brand spanking new newsletter! Kaitlyn Sawrey is our senior producer.

Production assistance by Stevie Lane. Fact checking by Michelle Harris. Original music and mixing by Bobby Lord. Extra thanks to Dr. Selected References:Prof. You use it every day to overcome your lower self which wants you to eat cake until your vision blurs in pursuit of the goals of your higher self which wants you to not develop Type-II diabetes. Yet it was only in the s that researchers began to understand what makes our willpower and how it behaves.

Sales teams across the world use Lessonly to reinforce best practices, accelerate rep performance, and close more deals. Support teams across the world use Lessonly to serve customers faster, drive consistent support, and elevate the customer experience. Often times the best reps will hoard their knowledge or simply keep it to themselves unless the culture around them supports and prompts learning together.

As both a student and teacher of sales and learning cultures, Conner shares with us some ideas on how teams can break this conundrum and proactively and constructively learn together to sell better. This podcast is packed with tactical ideas and step by step suggestions here. Remember, the whole of a sales team is always greater than the sum of its individual seller parts. Rank 1: Prospecting [Podcast]. How good are you at Prospecting? How often do you lose a sale because you failed to create value?

Transformative Sales Tools with the Tool Master Miles Austin In this episode we meet the tool master Miles Austin who shares a number of transformative sales tools that will increase your efficiency, productivity and ability to close sales. Miles is a highly engaging guest, a guy you can relate to. List of Transformative Sales Tools The following is a list of sales tools that were mentioned during the interview.

But Miles speak highly of them. But consider this. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Pick one tool and consider it a single step. Take action! Take your idea and start your business online. With Marshall Goldsmith. Rank 2: Trust is the Real Sales Accelerator. With Stephen M. Stephen M. Rank 2: Cold calling: How to respond to "I don't have time"?. A great salesperson, however, finesses this objection around into further conversation. Think about it this way. The more value you create, the more valuable you are to your client.

The greater the perception of value, the greater the likelihood you gain a commitment that moves you forward together. You need to work around this objection by showing the value at every turn, whether this objection pops up early in the sales cycle, or later and more insidiously, toward the end of the process. But this knee-jerk reaction is your chance as a salesperson to differentiate yourself and your product from the swarm of telemarketers out there selling candy and cable upgrades. Emphasize with their position, but make sure you grab their attention and hook them on value. The last seven people in your field who I talked to said that as well.

And they were all wrong. Most customers will be willing to give you a few more minutes—which is all you need to start establishing value. Pitch to priorities Use this time to show how your product or service can help them meet their goals today. Pitch to their priorities by asking questions. Ask questions that will help you understand what your customer's needs are, while demonstrating your expertise and authority in the field: What is your number one priority at this point?

Is this something that matches your priorities or are you thinking something totally different? If not, what are your top priorities right now. Sales enablement cannot be put in a box like other functions. Defining sales enablement: Sales force enablement is a strategic, collaborative discipline designed to increase predictable sales results by providing consistent, scalable enablement services that allow customer-facing professionals and their managers to add value in every customer interaction.

As President and CEO of Miller Heiman Group, I bring a broad depth of experience in growing, leading and providing guidance to the best organizations globally surrounding their sales processes, as well as the leading operations that support the mission of a great sales organization. Throughout my career, I have sought out challenges and answered demands that call for singular vision, energy and creativity.

In the event of genuine need, however, the skillful designer is able to produce a reasonable number of good ideas. But quantity by demand is quite different than quantity by choice. Design is a time-consuming occupation. Whatever his working habits, the designer fills many a wastebasket in order to produce one good idea. Advertising agencies can be especially guilty in this numbers game. Bent on impressing the client with their ardor, they present a welter of layouts, many of which are superficial interpretations of potentially good ideas, or slick renderings of trite ones.

Frequent job reassignments within an active business are additional impediments about which management is often unaware. Persons unqualified to make design judgments are frequently shifted into design-sensitive positions. The position of authority is then used as evidence of expertise. Such misuse of privilege is a disservice to management and counterproductive to good design. Expertise in business administration, journalism, accounting, or selling, though necessary in its place, is not expertise in problems dealing with visual appearance. The salesman who can sell you the most sophisticated computer typesetting equipment is rarely one who appreciates fine typography or elegant proportions.

Actually, the plethora of bad design that we see all around us can probably be attributed as much to good salesmanship as to bad taste. Deeply concerned with every aspect of the production process, the designer must often contend with inexperienced production personnel and time-consuming purchasing procedures, which stifle enthusiasm, instinct, and creativity. Though peripherally involved in making aesthetic judgments choosing printers, papermakers, typesetters and other suppliers , purchasing agents are for the most part ignorant of design practices, insensitive to subtleties that mean quality, and unaware of marketing needs.

Primarily and rightly concerned with cost- cutting, they mistakenly equate elegance with extravagance and parsimony with wise business judgement. These problems are by no means confined to the bureaucratic corporation. Artists, writers, and others in the fields of communication and visual arts, in government or private industry, in schools or churches, must constantly cope with those who do not understand and are therefore unsympathetic to their ideas.

Like the businessman, the designer is amply supplied with his own frailties. But unlike him, he is often inarticulate, a serious problem in an arena in which semantic difficulties so often arise. This is more pertinent in graphic design than in the industrial or architectural fields, because graphic design is more open to aesthetic than to functional preferences. Design cliches, meaningless patterns, stylish illustrations, and predetermined solutions are signs of such weakness. The designer, however, needs all the support he can muster, for his is a unique but unenviable position.