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Saint John departs from the Artillery Headquarters. Saint James leaves the Naval headquarters in Muralla del Mar. Saint Peter leaves from the Military Arsenal. Before the procession begins there is a theatrical performance at 5. The procession follows the story of the betrayal of Christ, the story shown in order by the procession of the tronos. They then offer a floral crown which is laid at the image's feet for the duration of the procession. The procession includes one trono carried by women only, of them, the Virgen de la Soledad de los Pobres.

A total change. Look out for the trono of Saint Peter, who is accompanied by nets full of fish. After the traditional Salve has been sung the Virgen enters he church and the Easter Week processions end with fireworks. If you have time, walk the route and choose where to sit as the narrower streets have more atmosphere and street lighting does make a big difference to the experience. Each parade has its own atmosphere and is unique for different reasons, but unless visitors are Catholics and embrace the religious significance of Semana Santa, then the parades are viewed as being of tourist interest, and an insight into the religious customs of Spain.

Going into a town or city to watch the parades should be viewed as just part of an experience, enjoying a spot of tapas or drink out also part of the evening. However, there's more to Semana Santa in Cartagena than just processions. Look at the sweets being sold: there are little penitent lollipops, complete with pointed capirotes and staff.

Look in the bakers: eggs are enveloped in traditional mona de pascua cakes sold for Easter week, and very nice they are as well! Get to the Plaza early and soak up the atmosphere, or try to get near to the church. Theatrical representation of the trial of Christ in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 5. Procession of the Santo Entierro. The night of the big sculptures, with a good number of tronos participating. A very long procession: buy a seat, take a rug and be prepared for a long haul.

A lovely occasion, totally different in its atmosphere from the rest of the week. Click for more information about the Cartagena municipality. Click for more information about Semana Santa in the Region of Murcia. There are always a considerable number of exhibitions on display throughout the Murcia Region in dedicated exhibition.. One of the most successful Scottish groups of all time perform in the Costa Candaacute;lida Texas have sold over 40 million..

These are open throughout July and August Each year the Los Alcandaacute;zares municipality hosts a number of nocturnal.. Regular Community events across the Murcia Region There are lots of community activities taking place every day throughout.. Cards are free of charge.. Art and Exhibitions. Exhibitions throughout the Murcia.. Music, theatre,cinema.

Season tickets for concert cycles at the Murcia Auditorium.. Markets and Shopping. Los Alcazares nocturnal summer.. Friday street markets in the Region of Murcia. Friday night markets and live music on La Torre Golf Resort ;.. Guided tours and trips. Tours and activities and events.. Guided tours and walks available now in the Murcia Region cultural.. Release of the motion picture.

A daydreaming bureaucrat becomes involved with an underground superhero and a beautiful mysterious woman and becomes the tragic victim of his own romantic illusions. Brazil, a Celebration of Life. This is a personal tour and travelogue of one of the world's most exciting countries. We see the sites and hear the sounds of Brazil's beautiful people, landscapes, and resorts. Highlights the Afro-Brazilian culture and religion.

Title on videocassette box: Brazil experience, northeast. Captures the unplanned exploits of an adventurous independent traveller to Northeast Brazil, including a game of soccer on the beach, floating down the Amazon during a rainstorm, scaling a palm tree, and trying capoiera, a combination of martial arts and acrobatics.

This documentary shows some of their songs being recorded in the studio, concert footage from Amsterdam and New York City, and some of the musicians talking about their lives in Cuba and how they got started in music. In Spanish and English with English subtitles. In Argentina, an entire generation has been ripped out of history, orphaned by the systemic destruction and "disappearance" of their families and friends during the military dictatorship. Allejandro Agresti shows how disconnected and disoriented they have become in this film of more than 20 characters.

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Coronada (La Orotava)

He follows several thru small adventures that connect them in the larger story of social disintegration of an entire system. The Buried Mirror. Original Title: El espejo enterrado. The Virgin and the Bull La virgen y el toro. Conflict of the Gods La batalla de los dioses. The Price of Freedom El precio de la libertad. Unfinished Business Las tres hispanidades. Director: Gillo Pontecorvo.

Political greed and social upheaval on a 19th-century Caribbean island where men rise up in bitter and bloody rebellion against the wealthy nations seeking to enslave them. The burning season: the Chico Mendes story. Videocassette release of the television motion picture production.

Spurred to action after a key organizer of the rain forest's working poor is slain, Mendes stands firm against slash-and-burn deforestation. He becomes a nonviolent activist, union leader, political candidate and a recognized authority who helps alert the world to the plight of the Amazon. Based in part on the book The Burning season by Andrew Revkin. Plata quemada. In , a criminal gang pulled off a daring bank heist and fled from Argentina to Uruguay. When two gay thugs Angel Eduardo Noriega and El Nene Leonardo Sbaraglia join a plan to hold up an armored truck with a group of seasoned gangsters, their love and loyalty to each other is tested.

Angel is wounded by police gunfire during the robbery, forcing El Nene to kill them all in a fit of rage. Things become complicated when they escape to Uruguay and the police threaten to torture the driver's moll if she doesn't tell them where they are. With their pictures plastered on the cover of every paper, drowning in drugs and alcohol, the gang begins to bicker. This film is based on Ricardo Piglia's novel about the real life events.

Dialogue in Spanish with optional subtitles in English. The film follows a troupe of carnival—type entertainers in a land caught up in an avalanche of social change. Portuguese with English subtitles. A black comedy telling the story of Ulises, a taxi driver who thinks that joining the gang that holds him up may just be the way out. The unlikely duo escape and hit the road to Patagonia. During their flight from justice, Jose and Pedro send videotaped messages to the press detailing the money's illegal origins and their own good intentions. Ordinary citizens soon come to their aid, driving Jose and Pedro further into the limelight.

Cabeza de Vaca Director: Nicolas Echevarria. Originally produced in for television. He discovers the Iguase, an ancient tribe. Over eight years, Cabeza de Vaca learns their culture and passions collide, as Spanish conquistadors want to enslave the tribe. A3 C3 Various learning processes for boys and girls from birth to primary school are discussed through several techniques, including puppetry and interviews of children from 8 to 12 years of age.

Original released as a motion picture in A comedy-of-errors story about a peasant who comes into a corruption-ridden small town geared up for a visit from a federal government inspector. Mistaking the man, Calzonzin, for the Inspector, the crooked local officials fawn on the confused Calzonzin and ply him with bribes. Basado en 'El inspector' de Nicolas Gogol y los personajes de la revista Los supermachos.

Los callejeros de Nueva York. Center for Instructional Resources [? An analysis of the Colombian immigrant community in New York City. Mostly in Spanish. Midaq Alley. Videocassette release of a Mexican motion picture. Stories of three neighbors whose lives are intertwined in the old downtown section of Mexico City.

Based on the novel by Naguib Mahfuz. A young Catholic socialite from Buenos Aires falls in love and runs away with a young Jesuit priest. The two find temporary happiness in a small provincial village, but eventually they are recognized and ultimately condemned to death without trial. C35 A family funeral offers Manuel the chance to search for the father he never met. He departs on his motorcycle across Patagonia and finds romance on the road with Carolina, a young photographer. Their bond is quickly tested when Manuel is dragged off to jail and escapes while the police are beating another inmate to death.

The lovers are now on the run from a murderous cop determined to kill Manuel, his only witness. Track of the ants. Chicago : Facets Video, A film montage of Caracas, Venezuela, filmed over three days and nights. Considers the question of whether these peasants are politically conscious enough to handle the reforms. In English and Spanish with English subtitles. Campesinos and Farming on Isla del Sol:.

The life, primitive farming techniques, and health problems of the Aymara Indians of Bolivia are shown as they, through a syndicate, manage and farm land formerly part of a large hacienda. Scenes include the annual market days and fiesta at Casani illustrating the numerous market goods, dancing, and other festivities. Documentary about Candombe, the music created by African slaves brought to Uruguay. The film features interviews with elderly members of Montevideo's black community who recount the cultural importance of Candombe in their lives.

Footage of festival preparations and street scenes capture the daily rhythms of Montevideo. C14 C35 Based on actual events that occurred on Sept. A group of employees from the Puebla University set out on a hiking excursion, were mistaken for radical communist agitators by a domineering local priest. A mob of townspeople are incited to riot, resulting in the brutal murders of several of the young men. In Spanish, with optional subtitles in English. Capital Sins: Authoritarianism and Democratization.

Begins in the s when many of the region's political and economic systems were in disarray and either reform or revolution seemed inevitable. This program looks at the path taken by Brazil that confronted its problems with rich resources. Caracol: The Lost Maya City. Anthropologist and archeologist search the jungles of Belize for the ancient Mayan city, Caracol.

Caribbean Eye. Award-winning 13 part series of half hour television programs exploring the culture of the Caribbean area. The four videocassettes includes the following contents:. Community Celebrations. Indigenous Survivors. Musique Antillean. Pan Caribbean. Dramatic Actions.

Talk and More Talk. Independent Voices. Women in Action. Caribbean carnivals. Games We Play. Soca, Soul to Sale. Film Caribbean. Carlos Fuentes, noted Mexican author talks about his life and his literary work. In addition, Mr. F Z6 The story of Carmen Miranda and the lasting image she created of Latin American women. Uses archival footage, film fragments and dramatic re-enactments. In English and Portuguese with English subtitles. Carnaval Bahia. The city of Bahia in northern Brazil is a riot of dance, music, and celebration during Carnival, a pre-Lenten festival that ends on Shrove Tuesday.

For five days, the poor become the kings of the town, and festival participants divide into groups, each trying to outdo the other in producing spectacular floats, dazzling costumes, and exuberant displays. With anthropologist Peter Fry. The film unfolds as two shy lovers enlist the help of the local poet to write passionate letters to each other. Charcoal people. Shows the life and work of migrants in Brazil who produce charcoal for use in the production of pig iron. Based on the photographic essay Charcoal workers by Marcos Prado. The Pinochet case.

Investigates the legal case against Augusto Pinochet for crimes against humanity. P56 P Los Casasola. A montage of photographs from the Casasola archives depicts Mexico City during the period Caxiri or Manioc Beer. Manioc is the most important food of Waiapi agriculture. The harvested tubers must undergo extensive processing to remove toxins, which results in kwaka flour. Pancakes are made from this flour along with caxiri beer, a crucial accompaniment to festivals and musical performances.

The viewer is transported back to Knogler's era as he reads Knogler's accounts of his contact with the Chiquitanos, his observations of their culture and his plans for evangelization. Videocassette In Portuguese, no subtitles. A judge falls from the roof of the Federal Courthouse. A woman is murdered. Between them and the three sons of the judge there is a connection that will be investigated by a woman judge who is determined to discover the truth.

Billie R. DeWalt, Ph. The video addresses the problems associated with deforestation in Central America. Costa Rica is highlighted as one nation that has suffered massive deforestation during the past thirty years and now is attempting revolutionary reforms in land management and production systems in order to remedy the environmental, economic and social problems associated with the loss of the tropical forest. The Central American Peace Concert. Takes place in Venezuela and includes brief interviews with spectators.

Central station. Inside Rio de Janeiro's busy Central Station, two unlikely souls become linked when a young boy witnesses his mother's accidental death, and a lonely retired school teacher reluctantly takes him under her wing. Although initially distrustful of each other, the two form an uncommon bond as they venture from Rio to Brazil's barren and remote northeast region searching for the boy's father. Together they embark on a journey that restores the woman's spirit and teaches the boy precious life lessons. When a young boy witnesses his mother's accidental death, a lonely retired school-teacher reluctantly takes the child under her wing.

Chac, dios de la lluvia. Title on container: Chac, the rain god. Based on ritual and legends from the Popul vuh and Mayan stories, the film focuses on a small Tzeltal village during a terrible drought. Desperate for relief, thirteen men set out on a quest to save their people by seeking a solitary diviner who lives in the mountains and knows the ways of the ancients. Hoping that he can summon Chac, the rain god, the men follow the diviner who takes them on a strange journey that challenges their beliefs and even their sanity.

Chac, the rain god Director: Rolando Klein. Videocassette release of a film produced in A documentary tribute to the Argentinean Indian musician, Jaime Torres, the world's foremost performer on the charango a stringed Andean instrument. Includes live performances of charango music and a ritual to Pachamama Mother earth by the indigenous people of the Quebrada in Northern Argentina along with dances and music, as well as dramatic concert footage.

Primarily in English with portions in Spanish with English subtitles. Music Library. C37 C43 Os carvoeiros The charcoal people of Brazil. This video was shot on the occasion of the Second General Chautauqua Conference on the Americas, where 21 Latin American students from the University of Pittsburgh participated and discussed debt, immigration, drugs, democracy and human rights, and the environment. Container title: Che : investigating a legend. English and Spanish with English subtitles. G85 C43 On the 30th anniversary of the death of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, Fernando Birri traveled with his camera to follow the footprints of this legendary figure.

Cartagena Spain- Easter week Programme 2013

He reflects on the significance of 'Che' as a myth and as a person and on the meaning of utopia through interviews with people around the world. In Spanish, with interview sequences in other languages subtitled in Spanish. Videocassette release of a subtitled version of the Mexican motion picture. Examines the 30 year rebellion and conflict between the Mexican government and the indigenous population in Chiapas. C44 This documentary depicts the beginnings of the armed uprising of the Zapatista army in Chiapas on January 1st, , through the developments of It also explores the impact the uprising had among the inhabitants of Mexico City and the rest of the country.

This is a four-part television series documentary. It premiered nationally on PBS in April The program consists of four one-hour episodes. Episode 1 examines the events at Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico that sparked a national movement for social justice. It focuses on the struggle by Mexican Americans to regain ownership of New Mexico lands guaranteed them by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and then visits the landmark Denver Youth Conference in Episode 3 documents the Mexican-American struggle to reform an educational system that failed to properly educate Chicano students.

Episode 4 focuses on the emergence in Texas of Mexican-American political power and the creation of a third political party, La Raza Unida. Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Cozens; edited by Brian Beasley. M5 C44 Examines the roles of Chicana women beginning in the Aztec Empire through the Mexican Revolution and their roles today, including the U.

Chicanos Unidos. A look at the Chicano Federation of San Diego County in California as a political force and as a social service to meet the special needs of Chicanos. Rich kids. Andy and Tomas, advertising directors, decide to celebrate an important award they just received. The celebration will turn into a wild party, with two prostitutes, Marisol and Zuky.

The party would not be complete without the presence of a dealer, la Tucan, but the night goes awry with the arrival of two thieves who are ready to take it all and with the presence of two inefficient cops. Videocassette release of the motion picture by Carmel Enterprises. Sanchez is the proud patriarch of a poor Mexican family. The Sanchez clan has seen the worst of times, yet they have survived so long by sticking together. Now Consuelo, Sanchez' oldest daughter, wants to break away from the poverty and succeed on her own as an airline attendant. But Sanchez expects her to help him raise the three younger children in this single-parent, single-room household.

Adapted from the book by Oscar Lewis. C45 The deep division in Andean society between rural and townspeople begins at birth, is perpetuated by the schools, and continues throughout life. A documentary about modern Chilean society. Banned by the Argentinean government for nearly thirty years, this film is a searing indictment of a fascist regime running roughshod over its most vulnerable citizens--its children. Focusing on the bleak life of Polin, a boy abandoned by his family and sent to live in a state run orphanage.

It is also a moving portrait of the human spirit imprisoned by the chains of well-intentioned fools. A female documentary director's latest project is to capture her sister's marital difficulties on film in hopes of shedding light on the travails of modern romance. Original Title: Cidade de Deus. The world's most notorious slum, Rio de Janeiro's City of God, where combat photographers and police rarely go. The true story of a young man who grew up on these streets and whose ambition as a photographer is our window in and his only way out.

Based on the novel by Paulo Lins. Mecha, her husband Gregorio and their friends are spending another stifling day drinking and lounging around the filthy swimming pool of their crumbling summer estate when Mecha stumbles and is badly cut on her broken wine glass. On hearing the news, her less affluent cousin Tali marshals her own large family for a visit. The long, hot summer and crowded situation strain everyone's nerves and repressed family conflicts surface. An atmosphere of oppressive humidity and constant foreboding fill this commentary on the decadence, malaise and racism of Argentina's decaying elite.

The odd number. Moody exploration of complex ties of love and jealousy. A mother writes her son and his wife in Paris that they will soon receive a visit from his brother —his dead brother. The past slowly unfolds as the film brilliantly weaves together narrative strands from the past and the present to reveal a psychological terrain full of deceit, sexual envy, guilt, and death in the relationship between the two brothers, the wife, and the mother.

Both the mother in Argentina and the couple in France slowly succumb to madness and obsession as haunting memories infiltrate the meaningless routine of their lives. O33 Four angry cadets form an inner circle in an attempt to beat the system and to ward off the boredom and stifling confinement of a military academy. The inner circle sets off a chain of events that starts with a theft and leads to murder and suicide. Adapted from the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa. C58 Dramatizes the history of ancient Mexican cities through reenactments. Volume 2 is set in Palenque, the first known major settlement of the Mayan culture.

Through the interpretation of inscriptions found on the walls of the main buildings, the rites and rituals of the Mayans are described. Examines the lives of significant rulers such as Halach Vinic, the Solar Prince, and Kuk Quetzl, the last lord of Palenque, and describes human sacrifice in religious rituals. Volume II: Palenque: the walls of Mayan history 29 min.

Original Title: La ciudad y los perros. Fictional account of the Cuban resistance to the Bautista regime in the early 's. Through the personal story of a group of young people in Havana, this feature portrays the struggle of an urban revolutionary group from , during the military government of Fulgencio Batista. Through its characters, it examines the personal sacrifices endured living underground and shows how an individual's personal life becomes subsumed by the political struggle.

It also explores the role of women in the guerrilla war. A Clearing in the Jungle. They deliberately reject outsiders in order to maintain their unique Indian way of life. With anthropologist Jean-Paul Dumont. Documentary on the Indians social conditions and thoughts. Indians from North, Central, and South America speak of the impact the Columbus legacy has had on the lives of indigenous people. In English and Spanish with English voiceover. Columbus, man and myth. C64 Based on the novel by Laura Esquivel that deals with the forbidden love and family tradition.

C Anthropology, prophecy, ubiquitous nudity, and dark humor combine to tell the tale of a 16th century French explorer who is captured by a canibalistic Indian tribe. In Portuguese, French, and Tupi with English subtitles. Interamericana Films, S. Mendoza, a landowner, tries to maintain friendships with both the leader of the government forces and the general of the Zapatista rebels. Confession to Laura. Title on Label: Confessing to Laura.

Set during a violent civil war in Colombia which occurred after the assassination of liberal leader Jorge Elieser Gaitain in Three people are trapped in Laura's house during a riot, setting the scene for an unforgettable night. La batalla de los dioses. English title on container: Married life. In this dark comedy about a forty years of a highly dysfunctional relationship, Jacqueline and Nicolas' marriage goes sour almost immediately.

With Nicolas neglecting her and having affairs at work, Jacqueline begins despise him. She starts taking lovers herself, and tries to enlist them in her plot to kill her husband. Based on the novel La vida conyugal by Sergio Pitol. Documentary about the Conquest of Peru, Pizarro and his band of conquistadors conquered the Inca empire, beginning the Spanish domination of South America. Part 1. The fall of the Aztecs ; The conquest of the Incas. Part 2. The search for El Dorado ; All the world is human. C66 Continent on the Move: Migration and Urbanization.

Looks at migration, one of the most important forces transforming the Americas. It is set in Mexico where migration has moved people across borders and from rural villages to congested cities. Videocassette releases of segments of the Mexican television program Tratos y retratos originally produced between and This six-part series features illuminating interviews with Latin American writers who are part of what has become known as the 'boom of the Latin American novel'--the efflorescence of highly experimental works by such writers as Fuentes and Llosa. Spanish dialogue with English subtitles; English notes on container.

In Spanish with some French dialog with Spanish subtitles. Costa Rica: Land of Pure Life. Tours Costa Rica, in the heart of Central America, where mist-shrouded peaks loom over fertile valleys, and lush tropical forests touch unspoiled seashores. Describes the struggle this pacifist nation faces in preserving its fragile natural wonders. C67 Counterpoint of the Agrarian Reform. This film centers on the social dynamics of the reform process and the confrontation of ideas and social forces in competition for land and power. A recently ordained priest is sent to a small parish church in rural Mexico to help an aging priest.

Quickly her passion for her faith becomes entangled in a growing attraction to the new priest. When the priest crosses the line that seperates temptation from sin, he finds himself torn between the devine and the carnal, the righteous and the unjust. Spanish or English dialogue, English, French or Spanish subtitles. Videodisc release of the motion picture. An alchemist perfects an invention the Cronos device , which gives him the key to eternal life. Centuries later, an elderly antique dealer finds the hellish machine and becomes obsessed with its incredible powers.

The more he uses the device the younger he becomes. When a ruthless millionaire comes looking for the Cronos device, there's hell to pay. Spanish dialog, English subtitles. Includes readings by Carlos Fuentes. Carlos Samuel Torres, a man who understands his priesthood as a responsibility for the needy, is ready to fight for his ideals.

Based on the book by Marcos Aguinis. C78 Cuarteles de invierno. Title on Label: Winter Barracks. Originally produced as motion picture in A tango singer who has come to an Argentine village refuses to take a position against the military repression he finds there, but suffers the consequences of the repression nonetheless. C83 Also issued in France under the title: Flamboyants. Original produced as a motion picture in In Spanish with optional English subtitles, credits in French.

Presents youth of Cuba casually discussing political, economic and social topics that affect their families, island and lives. They comparatively analyze and criticize Cuba pre and post Castro discussing the government, international situation and U. Through their point of view, one senses a tremendous young group, politically and socially mature, who are well aware of the two major political and economic systems capitalism and communism influencing their lives. These youth were born post socialist revolution in Cuba and are very socially conscious and sensitive to human rights issues.

They conclude that a system consisting of the best elements of capitalism and communism might be ideal. Excellent video from a youthful point of view on issues of concern today in Cuba. Cuba: Island of Dreams. Geographical and cultural tour of Cuba giving a general picture of major cities: Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Camaguey.

Beautiful landscape reflecting Cuban cultural traditions and daily life are presented within a basic Cuban historical, socio-economic point of view. C82 Two Bolivian saint makers are ordered by a gangster to construct a life-size Virgin and deliver it to a small village in the jungle. Accompanied by their friend, a notorious gambler, they proceed to have misadventures which test their respective faiths in God and gambling. Dancing with the Incas. Documents the most popular music of the Andes -- huayno music -- and explores the lives of three huayno musicians in a contemporary Peru torn between the military and the Shining Path guerillas.

The film shows how ancient Incan music, passed down through the centuries, has a contemporary life of its own in the cities of Peru. Lima on Sundays is alive with huayno music, in which one hears authentic Inca melodies performed on every conceivable type of instrument. In the moody lyrics, the musings of oppressed people assume an existential and timeless quality even when a carnival atmosphere prevails.

This is one of the few ethnographic videos that deal with complex issues of cultural mixture. Rather than focusing on a single community or ethnic group, the video investigates a broad cultural region and illustrates what happens to it as it confronts the commercial traditions and demands of the West.

Carmen Maura | Revolvy

When her dance partner, Carmelo, suddenly disappears, Julia stuns her friends by impulsively following his trail to Veracruz. Carmelo, about whom she knows little, comes to symbolize all that is missing in Julia's life: passion, romance, and mystery and her search for him holds all that and more, as this enchanting journey shakes Julia's ideas about life and offers a new definition of love. Spanish dialogue with yellow English subtitles.

Oliverio is a narcissistic young poet in search of the perfect woman, claming he will not "tolerate a woman who cannot fly. L33 The Day of the Dead. This video depicts how The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico. It shows a typical Mexican family in the market place as they buy all necessary flowers, foods, incense and decorations to decorate their home for the holiday. It also includes the important Spanish terms for items needed for this holiday. Lyrical, sentimental comedy with shades of magic realism in its tale of a mysterious stranger who brings radio to a remote South American village.

Originally produced as motion picture in in Colombia. This is the story of those who came to greet him, as well as the Incisor family, at whose door he accidentally arrives. D One Way or Another. An off beat love story: A highly elegible bachelor shocks an Argentinean town when he proposes to a local woman's teenage dwarf daugther.

Based on a short story by Julio Llinas. But when a strange old man tells him that his father is actually still alive and living in the city, their plans to escape to a better life are sidetracked while Rufino searches for his father, trying to evade the crazed sadistic cop on his trail. In Spanish; closed-captioned. Released under the Title "Francisca" in Germany and Spain. In , a former East German secret agent named Helmuth Busch runs away from his past and lands in Mexico under a fake identity.

When he is caught, the Mexican secret service threaten to have him deported unless he helps them by spying on a political group of militant students. His dilemma worsens when he falls in love with Adela, one of the young activists, and the secret service orders him to execute the group's leader. Fifteen years ago, Paulina Escobar had her life shattered when she was taken prisoner and tortured by a sadistic doctor.

Now, through a chance encounter, she may have found the man responsible for her nightmares and tonight he's going to pay. But how far will she go to get even? And how can she be sure, after so many years, that she has found the right man? Based on a play by Ariel Dorfman. A hilarious account of the tyranny of red tape in Cuba. The slapstick comedy begins with a sculptor who dies buried with his union card.

The widow needs the card to get her pension. A nephew is dispatched to get permission to exhume the body. He goes through the bewildering world of red tape. M83 Ciannelli The. Original Title: La muerte del Che Guevara. Condor Video. Originally issued as a motion picture in The film is a deep investigation of the capture and death of Guevara.

Spanish dialogue without English subtitles. The story of Nicolas and Coral, a couple roams the back roads of Mexico looking for lonely women who Nicholas seduces and Coral then murders. Originally produced as motion picture in Mexico in Beatriz and her sister Laura have been planning for years to leave Mexico and open a boarding house in Spain.

When Laura leaves first to get the project started, Beatriz is left alone for the first time. Once shy and insecure, she has a series of casual affairs to cope with her loneliness, and begins a passionate romance with Carlos, with whom she travels around Mexico. Based on the novel by Sara Sefchovich.

Two documentaries about Mexican politics, economic conditions, history, society, and culture from Ya nos saquearon and Derrumbes. Lustros of the collection of documentaries previously released under title: 18 lustros de la vida en Mexico en este siglo. Documentary on Yuri V. Knorosov, who in while working at the Russian Institute of Ethnography discovered the key to the Mayan writing system. This documentary tells the story of the struggles of the unemployed in the northwest provinces of Argentina. In this video trip to Paraguay, viewers gain insights into rural and urban life in Paraguay and Peace Corps activities there.

Set in , the habitual calm of a nameless town in the heart of the Andes is shaken by the news of an up-coming duel between the local school-teacher and the butcher, who only yesterday were friends and political allies.

Monseñor Óscar A. Romero. Su diario

Egged on by the clergy, the militia and the town's bureaucrats, a private affair becomes a gladiatorial spectacle. V47 Black God, White Devil. The day you love me. The day silence died.

Cartagena Spain- Easter week Programme 2013

Original Title: La Guerra del cerdo. The generation gap is taken to the extreme by a group of young people who decide to exterminate all senior citizens. Based on the novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares. G83 A drama about a young woman who takes revenge on a man she is convinced pushed her father to commit suicide. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John of the Virgin Islands. Shoot to kill. Orginally released as a motion picture in Venezuela in An innocent man is murdered during a routine police round-up while his mother watches helplessly.

Refusing to accept the official version of the story--that her son was a criminal--she launches a long campaign for justice. Presents the richness and variety of American art through the work of Latin American artists. They discuss their experiences as a minority population -- successes, frustrations, dreams, philosophy of life, and cultural heritage and the role these experiences have played in their artwork. The artists deliver a strong message regarding diversity of life style and how to improve through life's experiences.

Available in Spanish and English. Describes voodoo as practiced in Haiti. Shows various sacrificial rituals and explains their significance. Contents: Una gran ciudad, 15 min. Apuntes para un film, 11 min. Sorte, 17 min. El domador, 30 min. Minas de Diamantes, 27 min.

  1. Chevaliers of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.
  2. Carmen Maura.
  3. Search Results for Life..
  4. Visor de obras..

The film centers on Fabio Caceres learning from his mentor, Don Segundo Sombra, the morals and values of a gaucho through his behavior, stories and advice. Based on the alleged autobiography of gay Peruvian talk show host Jaime Bayly, this is the story of Joaquin, a troubled youth from a well-to-do family in Peru, who must overcome the domineering influences of his macho, racist father and obsessively religious mother to discover his true sexual nature. Based on a novel by Jaime Bayly. Both she and her daughter fall in love him. Based on the novel by Romulo Gallegos.

G24 D69 A folktale about a young widow, her respectable new husband, and her dynamic but dead first husband who refuses to stay buried. Based on the novel by Jorge Amado. Set in Guadalajara, the story of a mother who organizes her gay son's life by arranging a marriage for him, then having the new wife, their new baby, and his gay lover all move into her home.

Produced by the International Women's Film Project. Interviews are in Spanish; accompanying narration is in English. Original Title: Por la libre. Rodrigo and Roco are cousins with little in common but devotion to their grandfather. When the grandfather dies, other family members are consumed by the the old man's will and the distribution of the inheritance. The two cousins take it upon themselves to carry out their grandfather's wishes to have his ashes scattered into the sea at Acapulco and embark on a road trip that uncovers family secrets. In Spanish with optional English and Spanish subtitles.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Soar into the Amazon on an old army plane, ride on the roof of a train, bathe in hot water from a volcano, romp with sea lions, climb 18, icy feet with traveller Justine Shapiro as she experiences Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Based on the Lonely planet guidebooks. E28 La Edad de oro Director: Peter Newington. The Age of Gold. Recorded on May 23, and April 22, A reading by the Uruguayan journalist, historian, caricaturist, and political activist. This strange passion.

Distributed by Hen's Tooth Video, A psychological study of a man obsessed. Francisco's romantic love and marriage fades as a paranoid obsession with his wife's supposed infidelity causes him to display fits of jealousy and repentance for his unfounded suspicions. Embera -- The End of the Road. Four centuries ago, the Spaniards sought gold in Colombia, tried to enslave the Embera Indians, then massacred them when they fought enslavement. Today the remaining Embera have been pushed into the remote jungle headwaters.

With anthropologist Ariane Delutz. Set in the Mexican port town of Progreso beginning in the late twenties, Un embrujo tells the story of Eliseo, the son of an impoverished longshoreman and union leader. Beginning with the forbidden affair he has as a young boy with Felipa, a local school teacher, Eliseo's life is overwhelmed by passion, gossip, political persecution, and witchcraft.

Based on the novel Don Eliseo by Marcel Sisniega. Emergence of Nationalism in Trinidad. Lecture by Wallace Looklai on the emerging nationalist movement in Trinidad. Focuses on the period between the s and , during which nationalist forces united against Prime Minister Eric Williams.

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Intimate reflections by Emilio Carballido, the great Mexican playwright, on his life and literary works. In the country where nothing happens. Elena is married to a corrupt businessman named Enrique and lives in a fantasy world. One day, she finds out her husband is cheating on her.

That same day, Enrique is taken hostage by a group of inept kidnappers who happen to be coworkers of his mistress, Rita, who know him as her rich boyfriend "William. A retired union leader runs a restaurant by the highway with the help of his wife and young son. One day 3 fugitives arrive and take the family hostage. A rebel general is deeply in love with the daughter of a wealthy landowner. She sees him as far beneath her in social status and so taunts and tricks him until he lashes out at her in anger.

Later, the rebel general seeks her forgiveness, but is interrupted in his pursuit of her as government troops are determined to drive the rebels out or have the general's life, and the wealthy landowner's daughter prepares to wed someone else. Originally shown on television in Mexico in A Mexican documentary about the prehistoric god, Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent which traces the origin of this legend through different prehispanic cultures, including the Teotihuacanos, Aztecs and Mayans. Also explains the significance of Quetzalcoatl in these cultures and in the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

Between Pancho Villa and a naked woman. For complete Series See El espejo enterrado. Reading recorded Jan. Z In English dubbed from the French. G85E76 Three films produced in Cuba using historical film footage that celebrates the life and political philosophy of the Latin American guerrilla fighter, Ernesto Guevara. This documentary attempts to capture the spirit of the tango, which is used by dancers as a mode of artistic expression, and is not simply a commercialized cultural product for export. During the 's, she was the most powerful woman in the Americas - capturing the heart and soul of the poor, whose causes she championed until her tragic death at age Her stormy and passionate life brought so much hope to Argentina in an age of political power struggles, bloody coups, military oppression and economic depression.

To some, she was a hero. To others, she was a symbol of naked ambition. To the world, she remains a legend. Eva Duarte de Peron Evita -- is one of the most controversial figures in history. In this remarkable program, rare photographs and films tell Evita's real story, from her humble birth to her tragic death from cancer at P37E Other Title: Tumba sin paz. Originally produced in An investigation into the kidnapping, intrigues and unexplained wounds on the cadaver of Eva Peron. E86 Expedicion programa de aventuras dedicado a la conservacion de nuestro ambiente Venezuela.

Original Title: The Angel exterminador. Set on a panoramic Brazilian beach, this film confronts the sexual and social tensions between classes in the romantic story of a wealthy aristocrat's obsessive desire. F25 The Fable of the Beautiful Pigeon Fancier. History, Brazilian studies, slavery.

Examines the effects of assistance from U. Calls on viewers to join with project Neighbor to Neighbor in seeking a change in U. Facundo, the shadow of the tiger. Portrayed as a tragic figure, he recalls his political and military past as he struggles with illness. Set in the years following Argentina's independence from Spain, the film begins with Facundo's assassination and dramatizes the events leading up to it, and the historical backdrop of the struggle between the Unitarios those favoring a strong central government and the Federales those fighting for regional autonomy.

Original Title: Facundo, la sombra del tigre. The story follows the sisters' lives over the next decade, as Aneta grows up and Meme becomes ill.

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The Last of the hiding tribes, Part 1. The purpose of this film is to show the desperate attempt of one village to form alliances with another. The medium is a feast; the result is a raid on a third village. Various people from disparate backgrounds find their lives unexpectedly intertwined on Christmas Eve. A description of the railroads of the different regions of Peru. F47 The Festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo. Director: Gisela Canepa Koch.

Describes the festival of the Virgin of Carmen, or Mamacha Carmen, celebrated in Paucartambo, Peru, every year on July 16th, and which stands out for the number and variety of the dance troupes that participate in it. Mexico, Vangard Cinema A phone call invites Marco Antonio, a young journalist, to write about the murder of a prominent labor leader.

Unemployed and with scant hope of finding a job, he accepts. From then on, guided by an anonymous voice on the telephone, which advices spies issues orders, each one works on his own assignment, until they are trapped in the game and have to accept or reject the final after, betting their lives on it. Fidel Castro: El Comandante. A profile of the bearded Cuban dictator that follows his life from his rebel days in the Sierra Maestra mountains to his decades-long confrontation with America. C3 F53 Xirau's dialogue is interspersed with photographs and comments by other writers and philosophers.

Tells the story of Mariano, a veteran political boss, who climbed from the gaucho class to a position of wealth and power, maintained by terror and tightly controlled elections. We witness his decline through the eyes of his grandson, Adolfo. Keeping company with Gustavino, Mariano's henchman, the young man sees for himself the violence his grandfather imposes on his empire, and grows to hate the old man, delighting in his inevitable bad fortune.

Fire in the Mind: Revolutions and Revolutionaries. Looks at revolutionary movements in the region today, with emphasis on the former guerrillas in El Salvador and the current movement in Peru. The program also examines three revolutions of this century: in Mexico, Cuba and Nicaragua. Animated depiction of the migration of Asian hunters to Mexico and the development and interdependence of their culture and religion.