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The guys at my dorm buy magazines just to clip out her picture. But modeling was no day at the beach. It made me very self-conscious. But I looked like I was having a blast. Now, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson are slated to play her in two biopics. Husband Joe DiMaggio, furious at her display, fled the scene. Monroe dazzled in print years before burning up the screen.

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If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. I think the pendulum is swinging back her way, too. Modern examples, like Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks come to mind. A nice change of events for me personally? Clients are asking less and less for borderline pornographic poses, instead choosing glamorous, sensual and beauty shots. I will argue, that we as women naturally if secretly gravitate toward the Goddess look as an ideal for ourselves, and staying in that type of energy does not take away from our power, our intelligence, or our desirability.

Looking like a porn star, I think, does. I am only saying the crossover correlates with the change I have observed. I have nothing against porn except for the crappy plot lines. People should be free to do what they want to do. As parents and as a society as a whole, we need to remind our little girls that the goal in life is not to look like porn stars. Sadly, our culture is getting more and more looks based and now10 year olds are starting to base their worth on how sexy they are. I sure hope the pendulum is swinging back to the Marilyn days because where we are now is hurting women everywhere, especially young women.

Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job you can have. Thanks for writing about an important issue, Jillian. Men want seductive, sensual, coy, witty when it comes to the women they want to spend their nights with. They think we should be wearing loads of make up to look presentable, with botox or other injectables by the time we are 30 to avoid lines and frowns, and spanx underwear to hold in any extra curves! Thank you for this post. I look at some of the outfits teens are wearing and it saddens me.

Enjoy your youth!

I personally think the photos you show of Jenna Jameson and Christina Hendricks neither of who I knew about until your post ooze sex appeal. Sometimes perhaps we want to be goddess and other times porn chic. If people are buying her books, then they should be booing themselves.

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She is only making money because the public is buying it. You talk about the clients in their 20s who have had all sorts of plastic surgery in order to keep their man. Sad, indeed.

I agree. You may know her from Dancing with the Stars.

I know her from the West Coast Swing community where she was widely known. I always felt she was blessed, lucky, however you describe it, to be so cute, and, yes, beautiful. Men, is that what you really want? I am most concerned about the effect on young children girls and boys alike.

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The oversexualization of children and teens alters their world in so many ways. And I know that many young girls are dressing a bit too risque IMHO , but I think we need to look at what is available to them in the stores, too. At ages 8 and 10, my children are now almost the exact same size physically. My daughter, age 8, in the many of the clothing lines has to purchase clothes in sizes ! What does this say to her about her body?

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I think both Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks are two of the most beautiful women out there, but as a young girl when large breasts were held up as a sign of feminine beauty, I felt very inadequate. As the mother of a young and lovely 22 year old woman, I have always been troubled by the clothes we see when I take her out shopping. I think that it is sad that the clothing manufacturers, designers, etc. Please let the kids be kids!! As for beauty, it is always in the eye of the beholder, and I think it also can change from one culture to another, from one era to another.

What is beautiful to us in the US may not be beautiful to someone in Afghanistan or Kenya.

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I think Marilyn Monroe was one of the sexiest women ever, and much more appealing than the porn star could ever be. But I also think Audrey Hepburn was one of the most beautiful women around, too. I agree with you that how we present ourselves says much about how we feel about ourselves, and at the end of the day, how we feel about ourselves does truly influence how others see us. It affects my view of the business and in my opinion, detracts from its credibility as an institution.

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I suggest that there is a high price to be paid— the loss of self. I understand sex sells but looking at Jenna, she just looks wrong I want to take a pin and pop her lips… to me. But I try not to compare, allowing people to do their own thing, since what is beautiful to one, may not be to another. And while I applaud Jenna for taking the step to get in on the business side, I really resent my tastes being dictated by the media, cosmetic petroleum companies, and generally men, who of course never walk in our high heeled shoes.

But it is our responsibility to be aware of what is going on, especially when we have kids and try to at least make them aware of what is happening. Then, when they are old enough, if they choose to be sucked in, then that is their choice.

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I guess I am of the school that if appearances are important to you, then look your best and look like yourself. Yes, I drool over hunks, still do. But a real man who loves me is far better than a hunk who is in love with himself! Julieanne CaseAlways from the heart! Reconnecting you to your essence, joy, vitality, youth.

Interesting post, I am definitely a glamorous goddess type not the Porn look. I think you are right though that its swaying back the other way at least in the older women 30s 40s the younger generation not sure yet. As others have noted, many women although it applies to men to at times feel the need to hide behind another identity.