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Ask your child to fill in the blanks on the first page entitled "Fill in the Blanks". Their name appears multiple times since it is needed in the story multiple times.

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After your child has finished writing all of the words, they should cut out each of the 14 boxes surrounding the words. Next ask your child to stick each box onto the correct space in the story, either on the page entitled "The Superhero! The box labelled 1 should be stuck in the space labelled 1 etc. Now ask your child to read the story aloud, or read it to them! My six-year-old had such a grin on his face as I was reading his story to him. He loved it! If your child enjoyed this activity, they will probably love the Mad Libs fill-in-the-blanks books.

In these books your child chooses from a list of suggested words to fill in the gaps in a story. For older children, around 8-years-old and over, your child first thinks up words using prompts such as "Plural Noun", "Occupation" or "Verb Ending in -ing" and then fills the gaps in the story using the words they have chosen.

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Subscribe to one of these online reading programs and see how much fun your child has learning to read:. Find out more about online reading programs. Blog About Contact Sign Up. Copy a short story onto a Word document. Delete some of the key vocabulary and paste some small pictures into the gaps to represent the word you deleted.

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If your students can read, they read the story and fill the blanks with the help of the illustrations. This is a variation of the activity mentioned above.

Give each of your young learners a copy of the same story with the blanks in the text. Make sure that the blanks are big enough, i. Check answers by having students take turns reading the story out loud. This is another way to practice key vocabulary. Write some sentences on the board and ask students to read them out loud. Then proceed to erase the key vocabulary. What does Sarah want to buy? Play a song for your students to listen to and provide the lyrics with blanks they must fill.

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You can handle the exercise in a number of ways. You can play the song and then give them lyrics to complete, or you can play the song while they fill the gaps at the same time. This is exactly like the Musical Blanks only in this case you use a short video: a scene from a sitcom, a YouTube video, or a CNN news video for more advanced learners. Ask students to pick up a card and fill in the blank. This game is similar to the game of Snap!

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Write sentences with gaps on small cards to create your deck of cards. This is another game you can play with the same cards you use for Snap!

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In this case place all of the cards face down. Students take turns flipping them over, two at a time. The goal is to find two cards with blanks that may be filled with the same word.

Divide students into two teams. Give one student a card with a sentence that has a blank. The student must figure out which word goes in the blank and then give the team clues as to what the word is.

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You play it in a field.