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Codigo de area:. Detailed description of scriptwriting. It includes references to video production and its technological developments. The author won a national prize with this book. The quality of the book makes it an inavaluable material for teaching scriptwriting. Eufesa, It includes methodological considerations and TV analysis. It is an important text for learning about television and the different aspects that influence its productions. Sao Paulo: Biblos, General introduction to public relations: concepts, definitions, planning, coordination and evaluation of activities.

Madrid: Ed. Anaya, Based on Freud and Mead, the author outlines an advertising theory and proposes methods to evaluate campaigns. Luis Comp. Boyd Jr. The book discusses marketing planning and its techniques considering social and psychological influences.

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Analysis of advertizing and social change. The continuous use of very old books in fields that have so deeply changed is one of the problems of communication schools in the continent. Farina, Modesto: Psicodinamica das cores em publicidade. Analysis of the theories of color in order to point out its influence in the creation and reception of advertising printed productions.

History, definitions, languages and purpose of advertising. It consideres sociological, ethical, aesthetic and economic perspectives. It is based on the experience of the author who uses concept developed in previews books. Its theoretical approach gives an interesting approach to the field which is useful for future professionals. Goldhaber, Gerald M. General introduction to organizational communication considering four basic aspects: organizational behavior, communication processes, ineraction processes and information flow, research design, development and evaluation.

Its North American permanent reference limits its usefulness for Latin American countries. Nevertheless, this is one of the few books in Spanish which considers organizational communication in an integrated way. A complete analysis of communication processes in organizations: characteristics, elements, communication techniques, organizational culture and behavior, organizational relationships. A very useful book for organizational communication students.

Packard, Vance: Las formas ocultas de la propaganda. Buenos Aires: Suramericana, A classic on critisizing advertising and propaganda hidden messages. It reveals the intentionality and techniques used in persuasion. Although somewhat "passe", this book is used in our communication schools as one of the few that goes beyond technical advertising processes.

Within the "General systems theory", the book emphasizes how communication and organizational structure are intimately related. It considers organizational behavior and environments, communication networks and organizational development and innovation. Its social approach as well as some technical concepts are useful for communication teaching, although its reference is mostly from a "developed" point of view hopes to transform societies according to its own model.

Simoes, E. Simoes Comp. Sao Paulo: Atlas, Handbook written with the participation of various experts as a general course in advertising. Conceptual and methodological proposals for evaluation communication processes. It is a useful handbook for communication planning and operation.

A pedagogical perpective to communication planning from a Latin American perpective. The book underlines the importance of considering people's needs and interests, and not only the expects view. This book is classic on communication processes which consider participations as the basis of its success. Marcelino, Gileno Fernandes Comp. Sao Paulo: Un. Brazilian perspective on media enterprises comparing them with radio in Germany, France and England. It is an important approach for Brazilean communication schools.

Guadalajara: Unv. Critical approach to the historical development of Mexican press, cinema, radio and TV emphasizing on the unequal destribution of power and the influence of the State. Its social, economic, political and cultural comprehension of media make this book a "must" for Mexican communication teaching. As reference and point of comparison it is also of great importance in the continent. Sao Paulo: Mantiqueira, Historical approach to mass media considering the development from the printing press to satellites and computers.

This enlarged and revised edition of the book originally published in is an excellent introduction to communication theory. Historical analysis of media from a socio-political perspective. It reviews the different models and paradigms of Mass Communication Research. It is important as a historical reference of the "American communication theory" in order to understand Latin American theoretical production. This book outlines the general historic framework for the study of Mexican media emphasizing the deep political structures underlying media-State relationships in Mexico.

The book explains the present situation of media in its historical process, therefore, it is important as a general context for communication students. Ferreira, Maria Nazareth: Impresa operaria no Brasil. Sao Paulo, Atica, Analysis of Brazil's workers' press showing its development from being an anarchic syndicalist movement to an organized institution today.

Complete historical analysis of the outcome of "public opinion", that is of what can be and has been made public Publicistic. This book is a "must" for understanding the configuration of "public matters" not reducing public opinion to statistical investigations. General overview to mass media development emphasizing on mass culture and behavior. This book is an excellent introduction to mass media studies eventhough it does not consider Latin American perspectives. Sodre, Nelson Werneck: Historia da impresa no Brasil.

Rio de Janeiro: Civilizacao Brasileira, Historical study of press in Brazil emphasizing the relationship of media and the configuration of middle classes. Madrid: Alianza Ed. One of the complete historical analysis of media.

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It is an excellent "map" for understanding technological development as part of social-political and economic context. Erbolato, Mario: Deontologia da Comunicacao Social. Ethical analysis of mass media. Media responsabilities: rights and duties of journalism. Ferreira, J. Sao Paulo, It twelve chapters the author rescues and discusses the laws regarding freedom of speech in Brazil.

Fox de Cardona, Elizabeth Comp. The book includes various articles by Latin Amrican investigators dealing with communication national policies and their relation to development within a cultural and social perspective.


Gernike, The book shows the intimate relation between an excellent journalist as a professional and his ethical considerations as a human being. It stresses duties and rights in favour of community interests. Beltrao, Luiz: Iniciacao a filosofia do jornalismo. Rio de Janeiro: Agir, Philosophical and sociological questions regarding journalism. Analysis of the principles that should guide journalistic practices in order to assure more comprehension among nations.

General overview of the principal theoretical approaches to communication. This is a useful introductory book to communication science. Berlo, David K.

Meaning of "estructura" in the Spanish dictionary

Buenos Aires: El Ateneo, Introduction to communication process from a functionalist point of view. Although Berlo himself has revised his position and communication theory today is seen from different perspectives, many schools continue to use this very limited approach of communication. Cherry, Colin: A comunicacao humana. Un de Sao Paulo, The book considers the main aspects of human communication taking in consideration the mathematical, linguistic, psychological and semantic approaches.

Curran, J. Various articles which reflect different approaches to communication theory and analysis. A classic on non-verbal communication. Thorough analysis of gestures, movements, spacial relations in communication processes. This is one of the few books in Spanish which studies non-verbal communication. Enzensberger's approach to media shows a critical perspective of communication studies very much guided by American functionalistic approach. This is an important book to understand different positions towards communication. Bogota: Norma, Overall view of functionalism and structuralism in communication.

It emphasizes communication as a process and not as a static description of elements. It is a useful due to its pedagogical perspective of the basic concepts in communication. Madrid: Taurus, Philosophical and ethical approach to communication as a trascendental category. Habermas influence in Latin America has been important for understanding social science from a hermeneutical perspective. Poder y limitaciones de los medios. Madrid: Aguilar, Madrid, A classic of functionalistic analysis of communication from the perspective of the effects it produces.

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Although this approach has been revised, this book in important as a historical document. Scientific approach to communication: social change an mass media; social production of communication; mediations and social change; methodology for analysing media phenomenon; application of this methodology to social and political change through press and TV.

This theoretical approach is one of the most creative in the field and it is easily adapted to Latin American needs. The book is very useful for media analysis from an integrated communication perspective. Sao Paulo, Cortez, Various articles analyzing communication theoretical and methodological construction in Latin America. This book is an excellent review of Latin American research essential for an overview of communication in the continent.

It presents a communication theory based on a structural approach which includes a cybernetic perspective relating philosophical, engeneering and social concepts. The book presents a new communication approach but do extreme formalization of concepts it is not useful for beginners. This is probably one of the best well known and used books which contains an overall view of communication research all over the world. Its introductory essay presents an excellent basis for its historical and theoretical approach.

The book is essential for giving a general framework for the study of communication theory development. Moragas Spa, Miguel de Comp. Barcelona: Gustavo gili, Tercera Ed.

Probably the most complete compilation of articles dealing with different communication perspectives. First published in one volume , then expanded to four dedicaded to: Schools and authors; Structure, functions and effects; Political propaganda and public opinion; New problems and tranformation through technology.

Analysis of communication concepts from three points of view: functionalism, structuralism and Marxism. It includes original texts belonging to each of the three line of thought. In spite of the simplified scheme, it is a useful book which maps the different approaches to communication theory. Caracas: Monte Avila Ed. Collection of articles of the author that give a general view of a Latin American view to communication: critical approach to understanding communication as media, definition of the communication process, ethics and communication, communication and its relation to culture.

Although the book has been written over a decade ago, it is a classic of Latin American approaches. It marks a turning point in communication analysis. Pfromm Netto, Samuel: Comunicacao de massa. From a psychological perspective, analysis of communication processes and media's social influence. Schramm, Wilbur Comp. Roble, The book gives an idea of U. It is still used in our communication schools not as a historical reference, but as theoretical information. Watzlawick, Paul Comp. Barcelona: Herder, Important contribution to communication theory from a psychological perspective emphasizing its educational dimension.

Critical analysis of the principal communication theories developed in the U. As a deep and rigorous analysis it is useful for communication students, especially interested in theoretical developments. Wright, Charles R. Buenos Aires: Paidos, A classic functionalist approach to communication recently revised by the author stressing mass culture and society.

Buenos Aires: Eudeba, Arnheim's books guided by the Gestalt's approach to perception offer a systematic view to visual concepts.

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  • Synonyms and antonyms of estructura in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms;
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  • La Estructura Ausente.

The permanent reference to art and, thus, to the possible aesthetic dimension of communication processes is an excellent perspective for students. An "abc" of semiology which takes into consideration Saussure's basic dihotomies. Analysis of images, gestures, objects, sounds as languages. This is a classic by one of the well known French structuralist semiologists. Barthes, Roland Comp. Buenos Aires: Niebla Barthes' principle article as well as the others offer the general guidelines to text analysis from the French structuralist point of view. It offers clear and useful guidelines for semiotic analysis as a "reading" methodology which stresses formalization processes.

Mexico: Siglo XXI, A collection of articles of the author related to general problems of language. Benveniste's new perspective places linguistics in the realm of the communication process. This book is essential for understanding communication, significance, sense and the relationship between semiotics and semantics. Bettetini's semiotic analysis are always of great clarity and application to mass media. His proposal in this book referred to "textual conversation" changes the relationship between public and mass media messages. This is an important contribution in which linguistic and semiotic categories are used for expalining communication reception.

Ducrot, Oswaldo: El decir y lo dicho. This in one of the principle books of Ducrot: a compilation of articles analyzing "enunciation" theory and problems. Understanding this perspective gives clues for a systematic comprehension of communication processes. The book is an organized synthesis of Eco's previous semiotic works.

It presents the "state of the art" of semiotics as a general theory of significance. Although semiotics as well as Eco's work has been in advance, the book is still very useful since it carefully describes basic semiotic categories. Barcelona: Lumen, This is a general approach to Eco's semiotic proposals which hope to surpass the traditional structuralist point of view.

Eco's contribution to semiotic theory and analysis is important for communication studies. Foucault, Michel: Las palabras y las cosas.